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Support Our Local Staff

Thank you for supporting FCA!
To make a donation simply select the name of the local staff you'd like to support using the lists below. You will then be taken to our secure donation website on where you choose to:
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We appreciate your partnership with FCA. You are helping to change the lives of athletes and coaches throughout the area!


Do you own or know someone who own cattle. Look at this creative way to raise support.


FCA STEER Promotional Video from FCA on Vimeo.

An Alternative but very creative way to support FCA through...STEER, Inc.

“STEERing Money to Missions”     (View the Video below left) 

Post Office Box 1236, Bismarck, North Dakota 58502 /


¨ Founded 1957

¨ Non-profit, mission fund-raising program

¨ Dedicated to help financially strengthen & under gird missionary work

¨ Benefits the missionary(s) of member mission organizations

¨ Three-way stewardship program of donor, farmer, and mission society


¨ STEER’s donor gives a $700.00 contribution (a “unit”/cow)

¨ FCA rep. asks farmer to accept a cow

¨ Farmer & FCA rep. complete an agreement form

¨ STEER (a) provides a breed cow, or (b) purchases farmer’s breed cow

¨ Cow is designated and delivered to farmer, or farmer’s cow is purchased

¨ Cow has calf

¨ Calf is weaned and sold at cattle auction/ sales

¨ Market writes check to STEER, Inc.


¨ Farmer can take up to 5 Cows

¨ 3 year commitment

¨ Cow(s) remains STEER’s property

¨ Cow(s) insured by STEER

¨ All vet bills for cow and calf are paid by STEER

¨ Cow is replaced if it dies

¨ Farmer’s only cost is winter hay

¨ Farmer doesn’t show any revenue gain, so no tax(es)

If you are interested in adopting a cow, please contact our office.