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St. Simons Leadership Camps

Mon, June 24, 20139:30 AM



 As we draw closer and closer to the Summer and Camp Season, I just wanted to encourage you to send your athletes to St. Simons Leadership camp this year. The effect this camp has on our athletes is tremendous, as it equips, empowers, encourages and enables our athletes to impact and influence their campuses for Christ.  We have two options for Leadership camp: Session 1 is June 24-28 and Session 2 is July 1-5.   The importance for leaders on campus is important now more than ever. Our world seems to become more ungodly with each passing day, and WE NEED OUR YOUNG PEOPLE TO TAKE A STAND FOR CHRIST! It is our goal to train our athletes to be able to take that stand at St. Simons Leadership Camp. 

Please call if you have any questions.   


Mike Leazer

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

East Cobb Area Director